30-day Body Transformation challenges

Ellie’s 30-Day Challenge

The 30-day challenge is a great way to kick-start your weight loss and lose body fat. This is exactly what Ellie did. Ellie had great success with this challenge and the pictures speak for themselves!
Ellie wanted to lose weight, lose body fat and feel more confident. Safe to say this was all achieved by the end of the challenge! The 30-day challenge is a plan made specifically for targeting weight loss, gaining muscle, and losing body fat with a combination of daily exercises (body weight and weighted) and eating to set calorie and protein goals.

I’d been going to Dave’s classes at Pure Gym for a while and enjoyed them but was feeling I needed something more to take things to the next level. I was lucky enough to be selected for Dave’s 30-day challenge and it helped me do just that! I enjoyed PT sessions with Dave where he encouraged me and helped build my confidence in the gym as well as home workouts. One of the biggest things I learned was about calorie counting and tracking my food and this made me much more mindful of my choices and I have continued this after the challenge ended. I always worried scales hadn’t changed much but I noticed a big difference with my clothes and learned it’s not just about scales! I was pleased with my results and it helped spur me on to continue my fitness journey!

With this challenge, it’s not all about what shows on the scale. Ellie lost a total of 1kg in weight, 16cm around her body, shredded an incredible 16.6% in body fat, and gained 4.5% in muscle.

The beauty of this challenge is that it can be done anywhere you feel most comfortable, being in your own home, whilst your away working, or in the gym!

The 30-day challenge is adaptable to your own environment!

Martin’s 30-Day Challenge

Martin’s story starts in December 2021, he had surgery on his left knee then later on in March 2022 he underwent surgery again for his right knee. However, that was not going to stop Martin from completing my 30-day challenge which started on 1st May 2022!

Martin is no stranger to exercise, previously working with him before his knee surgeries to keep him as fit and healthy as possible before the procedures.

Martin followed his calorie and protein intake to the T! We adapted his exercises to support his knee recovery and Martin upped his cycling which he absolutely loves. What an inspiration Martin is to us all, his results after the 30 days were incredible. Losing 1.2 stone and 17.5cm overall. Martin is a prime example of not letting health issues get in the way of achieving your goals.

“Dave helped me build strength in my knees leading up to double patellofemoral joint replacement and again after surgery he helped with my rehab. I recommend the 30-day challenge for a kick start to a healthier way of life”

Alicia’s 30-Day Challenge

Here is Alicia who completed the 30-day body workout challenge all the way from Spain and despite the distance it did not stop us from working together.

Alicia is a very active individual she does all sorts of fitness challenges and workouts but she still wanted to try my challenge to see if she could get some results and safe to say that Alicia did get good results as well.

Alicia worked hard throughout with lots of opportunities to catch up with me. Her results speak for themselves. With a weight loss of 2.5kg and lots of cms lost you can certainly see she put in the effort.

Alicia had my full support on her fitness journey and was part of a private Facebook group that gave her support from all other team members from over the world.

Alicia said: Dave thank you for the opportunity to take part in this 30-day challenge. The workouts were fun and I really enjoyed pushing myself. If you ever do another one again please let me know I am happy to do it all over again.

Laura’s 30-day Challenge

Meet Laura who is from Spain and completed the 30-day body transformation challenge with me back in 2022. No matter about distance Laura completed the challenge with my full support and absolutely smashed it.

Laura followed daily challenges and workouts given to her along with following her calorie deficit. Laura had amazing results with a total loss of 17 cm across her body.

Laura’s results are an example of why I tell all my clients to focus more on cm’s lost instead of just scales, pictures say it all as you all can see.

Laura said she now feels motivated to keep setting and achieving her fitness goals!